Bahasa Of The Sea

I hate plastic, absolutely hate it! But even I am guilty of buying and using things in plastic. I'm trying to change that though. I've stopped buying plastic bags at the supermarket. I'd rather carry my pile of food to the car and drop stuff on the way than having to buy another plastic bag. But I know this small change isn't enough. There is so much plastic waste in our oceans, it's actually really sad.


I found an amazing company that truly is making a difference. They make recyclable bamboo toothbrushes. Not only that they give 1% of their profit to charity. These are charities that clean up the ocean. I absolutely love what they are doing! Even the packaging box is made from recyclable cardboard! I was lucky enough to get in contact with Ben the founder of Bahasa of the sea and he sent me some of the bamboo toothbrushes to try out! I absolutely love them! 

Get your bamboo toothbrushes today, we need to get rid of all the plastic we are surrounded by!