My time in Belgium

So I've been back home in Belgium for 3 weeks now. I think a lot of people are thinking is this girl still alive? I've pretty much spent the last couple of weeks hanging out in my pyjama's watching reality tv-shows, drinking tea and eating chocolate. Haha, I've been having the best time. Of course I still went outside to go to the gym, caught up with my family and friends, oh and went shopping a couple of times. But I could fully get used to not having to go to work, like how good is watching Catfish or some Netflix in PJ's all day?! 

But here's the big news: I BOUGHT A VAN!

Yes, I'm a terrible driver.

Yes, I am broke and spent all my money on a van.

No, I don't have a plan.

So this is going to be very interesting.. 


As you can see in the picture I am also wearing glasses. I know WTF, what a nerd right? Haha, well the truth is I need them. Didn't realise how blind I actually was since I've been wearing them. Everything is just so clear now! 

Also have a look at my Youtube video on how I'll be converting my van, it's my first ever video so please be kind :)