Bicycle adventures

I love my bike. It takes me everywhere I need to be. I love going for bike rides to my local coffee shop and my favourite spot at the beach. All I need to do is fill up my basket with all my beach essentials. I always take my round mandala beach towel, my sunnies, sunscreen, some H2O, a bikini, and a copy of the latest Womens Health magazine. Going for a swim in the ocean can do wonders for your body & soul. I'm so grateful to be living so close to such a beautiful beach here in New Zealand.

Now summer will be coming to an end here and we will be having lots of rain and cloudy grey skies, it's time for me to find myself a vehicle so I don't get soaked biking to work! I would love to get myself a van so I can put a mattress in the back and sleep under the stars on a beautiful beach. The only issue will be driving a van as I am not the best driver.. 

To be continued, hopefully I can get myself the van I have always dreamt about!

Click below to get some bike inspiration from the beautiful Reid bicycles, you will find a picture of me on their Instagram page as well ;)