My vanlife adventure

One of the most common questions I get is ‘What is it like to live and travel in a van?’ of even ‘Why do you live in a van?’.. haha

I’ve always wanted to get a van and travel around the world with it, enjoying the freedom of sleeping where I wanted, whenever I wanted with amazing views of the ocean and the mountains. But in reality, these days, you don’t get that much freedom. Also it might not be that safe to do so.

I’ve been in dodgy situations driving through France in the middle of the night when I made stops at the gas station to go to the toilet or to have a break from driving. It’s like they can smell it from miles away that you are a blonde girl travelling on her own! (it also didn’t help that I had a massive ‘Beachy Peachy Blonde’ sign on the side of my van)

Luckily nothing bad ever happened besides from a couple of tacky e-mails I received from truck drivers that googled my website.


The hardest thing about vanlife for me personally was not having a shower or a toilet. I showered in gross gas stations and peed in a lot of bushes.. and let’s not talk about the pooping part haha!

I’ve lived and travelled through Europe for about 6 months in my van. And I can truly say it’s been the best thing I have ever done. I’ve met the coolest people and been in the most hilarious situations. And also seen so many beautiful places without having to spend 1000’s of $$$ on plane tickets or hotels.

Right now I am at home in Belgium and it’s way too cold for me to be living in the van as winter is coming along. So this winter I will be working my ass off and saving up for summer to go on another van trip though Europe. I can’t wait!

Here’s a little video of how the art work of my van came along: