San Sebastian

Found an absolute gem right across the border of France. It's a place called San Sebastian! I've never heard of this place before but I absolutely loved it. I went to visit a friend there and we had an epic couple of days. I sat on the back of his Vespa driving through the city, holding on to my surfboard and wearing nothing but a bikini. To be taken to a little beach right in the middle of the busy city. Between the hustle and bustle you could see people come out of the underground carparks barefoot, in their wetsuits and carrying their boards. This must be the best city in the world! 


We spent our days surfing and hanging out on the beach. And would hit the town after to enjoy the best tapas that Spain has to offer. Also like how is it possible that a glass of wine is cheaper here then a glass of water??? 4 glasses of wine later, and I was ready to be taken back to the van and wake up the next day doing the same thing all over again, haha.