Vanlife part 2

I finally managed to create my vanlife part 2 video. A lot of you have been asking about it and I was surprised with how many positive reactions I have been receiving! Feeling so lucky to be able to share this experience with everyone. Please don't expect a great van conversion video... To be honest I really struggled to put everything together. But I really wanted to do everything myself. And I am so happy about the results! I'm so lucky to have such an amazing family that supports all my wild dreams and ideas, without them all of this wouldn't have been possible! 

In the meantime, I drove all the way down to the South of France. I took me about 2 days to get here. I am in a place called Hossegor. It's right above Biarritz and its absolutely beautiful here! It's a small beach town famous for it's surf and laid back lifestyle. 

Here's a little video on how I finished converting my van, hope you enjoy :)